Engaged with new investors and increased AUM

Dao Foods is an impact-oriented investment firm that invests in plant-based and alternative protein companies based in mainland China and focused on the Chinese market, as well as non-Chinese companies that have some strategic value to China. Its mandate is to support entrepreneurs that can play a role in activating the Chinese consumer, serving as their investor, their cheerleader and their value-added partner. Founded by experienced impact investors and social entrepreneurs, the Dao Foods international network is committed to identifying, assessing and supporting the most promising companies in China’s plant-based and alternative protein sector.


Dao Foods occupies a unique space in the venture capital ecosystem, straddling the line between a for-profit investment fund and a non-profit economic development organization. Although the alternative and plant-based protein industries are well established and growing internationally, they remain nascent in China, where tastes remain rooted in traditional protein and change is slow. That said, a growing younger generation is looking for healthy alternatives, driving new interest in alternative proteins. In order to support this work, the company invests in Chinese startups, hosts accelerator programs and participates in ecosystem building activities. Dao Foods approached Layup Content to help it communicate its value proposition to the international investors it needs to support this work.

Achieved Results

Layup Content created a full communications and messaging strategy for Dao Foods focused on the international audience, including social media activation, a website overhaul, thought leadership, blogging and PR outreach. Once active, the fund started seeing increased engagement and inbound interest in the work it was doing. Most importantly, conversations with investors were backed up by the social proof needed to help convince them that investing in China was an opportunity not to be overlooked.

Since starting work with us, Dao Foods has:
  • Engaged with new investors in markets including Singapore, Europe, the U.S., Canada and beyond
  • Increased assets under management (AUM) and implemented a predictable growth strategy
  • Appeared in international and industry media outlets including Bloomberg, CNBC, and more • Established the fund executive team as leaders in their field, garnering media interest, inbound investment, social proof and more
  • Elevated the Dao Foods brand among international startups in the alternative protein space, simultaneously raising the profiles of all its portfolio companies


Dao Foods International


Venture Capital


Alternative Protein, Food System


Engaged with new investors and increased AUM

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Implemented A Predictable Growth Strategy & Increased AUM

Engaged With New Investors And Increased AUM

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