June 15, 2020

Does Content Marketing Still Work?

Hard to believe maybe, but I get this question at least once a week.

Does content marketing still work?

Does it still matter that we’re creating content on a regular basis, promoting it and having conversations with potential customers?

My answer, of course, is yes. (Actually, it’s more like, “yes!”)

It’s cliche, but the phrase content is king drives a lot of what we do as writers, editors, photographers, videographers, etc. The idea that what we create matters most of all is key to what makes content marketing as a practice actually work.

And that’s why content still works.

It allows you to not only engage with your audience (in this case, customers and leads) but also connect with them in ways that just pumping out sales messages can’t match. After all, that’s what we all want. Connection. The world has gone digital for better or worse, so a lot of the personal connections that we all felt by conducting in-person business have fallen by the wayside, never to return. It’s critical now to connect with people on the digital platforms where we all live now.

Content marketing does that.

How? By filling in the blanks behind your brand. What I mean is, by offering social proof that you’re an engaged and thoughtful provider of service or product X, a potential buyer is better able to make an informed decision to choose you when looking to buy something.

Think about it this way. Maybe you start running a bunch of Google and Facebook ads for your service, targeting the kinds of people who would be likely buyers for your business. That’s great, but what happens when they click on your ad? Do they go to an empty website that has some sales copy, a contact form and little else? Or do they start at the top of a carefully curated sales funnel that introduces them to your brand, educates them on what sets you apart from the competition and nurtures them toward an eventual sale?

That’s what content can do you for.

And funnels are just part of it. A robust content marketing program can show off your expertise and help you build your reputation in your industry.

It can position you as an expert, and someone who provides great advice (without charging for it — up until a point).

It sets you up as a connection builder. The kind of person who knows everyone who matters and exactly who your prospect should be talking to to address their problem X.

It builds relationships outside of the usual realm of sales. No one likes being sold to, but sharing thoughts and ideas are part of what makes us human. We naturally want to engage with those who are more engaging to us.

And then there are the nuts and bolts. Yes, content still matters (*a lot*) for your website SEO, and yes it can help you build a strong email and lead list (by gating the right content and gather email addresses for access), but at the end of the day it’s really here to make your online self more…real.

More relatable. More engaging. More interesting and accessible.

So, yes, content marketing still works. In fact, in many ways it’s now more important than ever.

Content is what we do at Layup Content. Want to know more about how a strong, modern content strategy can help your business? Contact us today!

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